“A Serious Review”

The last reno i did was at least 10 years ago and things were mostly falling apart. This got me going out to look for an ID that could help to refresh my home’s look.
With a budget on hand and a brief idea how I wanted the new look to be, the online search brought me to Design4space. Their reviews are outstanding but still I was a little skeptical about info online, you know what I mean.
Nevertheless, I picked up the phone and called their Toa Payoh branch. Half expecting a name that rang a bell from the tons of reviews i read and it was Daniel who picked up my call.
Long story short, no regrets taking up the journey with Daniel. It was breeze sailing throughout the entire project, especially during a post covid situation when workers were scarce.
My biggest credit to him is his responsiveness, coupled with his ability to mobilize his team and getting work done.
And importantly, He was easy with his charges, but please do not abuse that.
Comes to workmanship, thumbs up. Might not get it right the first time, but his team will get it rectified almost immediately, as long as you know what you want.
A few of his tips did work well for me. Look out for that if you work with him.
Thanks Daniel!




Value for Money