WorryFree Renovation Journey – ID Shermin Lee

Our search for an ideal ID for our 5rm HDB reno start off when we put up a request in Hometrust.sg

4 Reno ID contacted us, we gave the same requirements to all, where 1 ID design ideal stand out, and impress us.

The main request that decide is to have 4 bed rooms and 1 maid room in our HDB standard 5rm flat.

Design 4 Space, Shermin Lee not only optimize the layout of 4+1 rooms, and even included a dry kitchen, and a wet kitchen, within a 110 sqm area. In her design, every room has its own window.

On the first meeting, Shermin gave us a confident and easy-going character, going through her design philosophy, she even spent time with each of our kid to understand their need.

Following week, we committed with Design 4 Space, and Shermin came out with 3D artwork of what our HDB unit will look like, that we could virtualize. We were very impressed and like her design.

We had full trust in Shermin that she could give us the dream home we wanted. We gave her full ownership of renovating our house, that we told her we will leave the house to her, hope she will give us a big surprise.

Throughout the renovation period, almost 2 months, we received updates from her progressively. We noticed she managed her staff orderly, and stick to her schedule tasks promptly.

The workmanship was very good, basically the whole unit was knockdown and rebuild. We had a lot of carpentry work, whole house flooring was relaid, electrical work, water work, etc.

We had been through 3 renovation in the past, and this time with Shermin, was the most relaxed and worryfree engagement.

After the handover of the unit, we had called for touchup and repair work, she always arrange it promptly.

To sum it up, I would give Design 4 Space, Shermin a huge THUMB UP, for all she does for us

Design was fit for our purposes. Great in layout management. Color matching suit our need and easy to maintain.

Workmanship for carpentry, tiling, plumbing, painting and electrical are great. Kitchen top material used are great.

ID service was great, very approachable, very attentive to our needs. After unit handover, promptly respond to our requests.

Value for Money
Overall cost for this project on a high side, but make up for by good workmanship and services and no stress reno journey.

Link Source: https://www.hometrust.sg/interior-designers/design-4-space-pte-ltd/review/6214