“Comprehensive renovation by Vincent Chuah – Highly Recommended”

We first engaged Vincent few years ago for renovating our house.As our family grew,we decided to upgrade and bought a bigger house early this year.From the start we had no doubt in mind that we are going to engage Vincent again.In fact this time around,we didnt even check around and went to Vincent straightaway.

Vincent is a very senior ID and is one of the top producers for D&S.It doesnt take more than couple of meetings to realise why he is so well regarded.He has done numerous projects in his career and actually mentors a lot of junior ID in his team.He has extensive knowledge and numerous ideas to address any design or structure related issues.

Our house is a relatively big one but in a relatively old building.With 5 bedrooms,4 ensuite toilets,kitchen and yard-the overall renovation project was a very comprehensive one .We have got all the bathrooms,kitchen,yard redone.It also involved plenty of carpentary work,ceiling work etc.When I look at my place now,it feels like we got pretty much everything changed.In fact we also had to reshuffle enteries to a room and kitchen.

All in all it was easly a 3.5-4 month project.Given our relatively tight timeline,Vincent arranged and planned a lot of work to be done simultanesously in a methodical way.He managed to complete the renovation work in 2.5 months while making sure the quality of workmanship and material.
He is very pleasing to work with.We have developed a strong friendship bond over the years,part of the reason we were very clear from the start that we will work with him on this project also.In fact that time around,we were out of Singapore for fair bit of time and just completely handed over the entire project to Vincent without even checking.It is the knowledge and strong work ethics that Vincent possesses that gives us such comfort while working with him.

All in all ,strongly recommend his work and services for anybody who is looking for renovating their dream house.Whether it is traditional,minimalist or contemporary design,Vincent can come up with designs and solutions that will suit everybody’s taste and budget.

Designs are practical and modern. He is always on top of new trends in market and has great design ideas for both bigger and smaller spaces

Our work was quite extensive including carpentary,ceiling,tiling work and we are quiet happy with the end result

Vincent is very friendly and is very detailed oriented. He explains everything in detail and always gives you few options to choose from.

Value for Money
We didnt compare the quote this time as we were clear that we are going to work with Vincent given our pleasant experience with him few years ago. But I am sure that it is definitely value for money given the extensive nature of work needed in our case.

Link Source: https://www.hometrust.sg/interior-designers/design-4-space-pte-ltd/review/6196