We were looking for an ID for our first BTO a few years ago (before Covid19) and felt very comfortable appointing Vincent as our trusted ID. As BTO projects were delayed (due to Covid19), our renovation project also had to be on hold for over a year. Towards the end of completion of our BTO, Vincent very kindly reached out to help finalize our renovation plans so that it will be a seamless process during the renovation project. Amid the Covid19 challenges to the construction and reno industry (e.g. supply chain, labour), we were glad that Vincent provided us the assurance that our project will be manageable. We are very thankful that our house was beautifully renovated under very challenging circumstances and Vincent went many extra miles just to make sure that all our concerns were addressed. As an ID, Vincent makes very good suggestions and we feel that we can discuss different useful options and we will finally agree on something that suits our lifestyle and preferences. He is also very responsive and meticulous, assisting us each step of the way as we are first time BTO owners. Finally, Vincent is also super responsible and very promptly attended to any follow up needs even months after he has handed over the house to us. We highly recommend Vincent as someone whom you can fully trust that your renovation project is in excellent hands. Thank you Vincent!