Design4Space ID Tan from Lavender Outlet,

Its been 2 years me and my wife move in, we really appreciate our ID Tan for his passion, professional, ideas, experience, honest, going extra miles and service provided to our humble home that what we needs on our daily life. He will always entertain us for the changes that we make and advise us in details to get the clear picture. I got easily gel up with him as both of us has a good communication, understanding, give and take during the project. Till today, any defect I still contact him and without fail he will find ways to settle it asap although he have projects in-hand to be done.

I would like to recommend all the new home owners out there to look for Tan as your interior designer.

Tan, maintain as what you love to do and I hope that this feedback will give an idea to the new home owners out there to take you as their ID.

For this I will rate him 4.5 out of 5 ⭐️.