“Thankful for Eddy :)”

We happened to chance upon Design 4 Space while looking for an ID. It was a random decision to walk in and after meeting Eddy, we knew that he was our top pick for our new house.

Eddy is very down to earth and personable. We felt really comfortable sharing our thoughts and ideas with him. During the entire process, he proved himself to be very reliable and we could entrust the design, the planning and execution to him.

We trusted him and his judgement as well as the management of the works and contractors. He also provided a balance between practicality and aesthetics which made him very reliable and someone we could trust. There was no hard selling. We constantly consulted him on furniture and furnishing choices and he was patient no matter what time of the day.

Especially during the COVID difficult times, he was there to answer any of the questions that we had during the uncertainty. His response were always quick and prompt. And if he does not know the answer, he will try his best to find out. Even though everything came to a standstill during COVID, he immediately picked up the pace and continued with the works once we entered Phase 2. This allowed us to move in within 1 month after Phase 1 ended.

After handing the house over to us, the service does not stop. If we have any queries or concerns, he will be there for us promptly and answer any of the doubts that we might have despite his busy schedule.

We really enjoyed staying in the house and the homely feeling it has provided us. There were many roadblocks during this period of time, and we cannot thank him enough for being there for us. Thank you, Eddy, for bringing our vision to life. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. We do not even yearn to go for staycation anymore 🙂 We would recommend him to anyone who is looking to find an ID.