We met our ID Nic Yeh at our first meeting. We chance upon the company from a facebook post and decide to pop in to get some advice. During this time, we werent set which company to choose for our house.

We are very thankful to have met Nic because the house was designed as per what we had in mind.
The only thing we told Nic was we were travellers and we have a child. From colour schemes to design to accessibility, safety measures Nic handled it all well! There wasn’t much problems that we face during the reno phase. He constantly updates us on progress of the house with the images.
His eye for details is to be complimented for. Things that we cant see from our naked eye he captured it. After handover Nic did not just wash hands off, he consistently app and ask if there is anything that does not seems right for the house. He made alteration and assisted us.
Personally, we ve never felt so relax in this phase. He was always there to reply to our text and answer our call.
Given his meticulous work , patience and sincerity we recommended our buddy to get Nic as their ID. It was the best decision made and we are glad our buddy is happy too!
We would like to extend our greatest biggest thankyou to Nic for being an awesome ID building an amazing cozy home for us!