We met with a few IDs before we met Shermin Lee from Tradehub. She won us with her sincere, straightforward attitude and showed willingness to work with our budget and requirements. At the quotation stage we had a ton of questions, Shermin handled them patiently and very responsively. She did not pressure us at all to sign any paperwork unlike other IDs we have met. Our purchase process had some hiccups, so we delayed putting the deposit for the renovation until we got approval from HDB. It took a couple of months but Shermin patiently waited for us to get back to her even though she had put in the work to revise the quotation numerous times because we kept changing our minds ;P.

We got our keys earlier than expected and again Shermin managed to arrange for the renovation to start earlier despite having to reapply for the renovation permit and reschedule her contractors last minute. The work was consistently ahead of schedule. There were some issues in the middle of the process and she solved them quickly. Since we’re first-time owners we texted her very frequently and Shermin was always patient and helpful. We also changed our minds for some items while renovating and she agreed to our requests without kicking up a fuss. Towards the end things got a little stressful for everyone and still Shermin was willing to work with us to solve our issues. I think the true test of any working relationship is how do issues get solved when things do not go smoothly or as planned?

In the end we got our flat a week early! We had some minor retifications – paint touchups etc and yet again Shermin was quick to resolve everything.

All in we’re very grateful to Shermin because renovation can be really stressful but her responsiveness and flexibility really helped in the process. We are very lucky to have her as our ID, especially since we’ve heard so many horror stories! We really love our renovated flat so we wouldn’t be moving anytime soon, but if we have to do any renovation we’ll definitely engage Shermin again.