“VINCENT CHUAH – Design 4 Space!”

We would like to say a big thanks to Vincent Chuah for his professional advices, suggestions and great patience with us. We liked how he prioritize his existing customers (us) first and willing to forgo new customers just to ensure everything is ok with us. There were 2-3 occasions we had so much questions after looking at our 3D drawing and he had set aside many hours just to explain and go through everything (colours, design etc) with us AGAIN to ensure we were okay. There was once we met him till 12am at his office and he did not even rush us or show his tiredness at all. (This was after we had signed our contract)

There was also an occasion where his colleagues had informed him many times that there were a few new customers waiting for him but he did not rush at our side to attend the new customers, but instead tell his staff to reschedule. He would always make time for us even though he had explained the same thing to us before.. While many IDs focuses on new customers to earn more profit, i think Vincent’s passion and professionalism puts his existing customers first which we were really grateful that we had chosen him.

Also, as we were really clueless about renovations matters, we had asked him so much questions till we were so embarrassed but he would always call us and explain to us patiently. He even came down to our place just to explain to us how the Tic Tac for my cabinet works and fix up whatever we had comments about, no matter how minor it is. He had even helped us liaise with some of our deliveries even though we did not buy it though him. We only have to tell him once and he would remember to arrange people to fix it up for us, even though we had already forgotten what we had asked him to do! His professionalism, passion and patience really made our home renovation a smooth one.. Thanks a lot Vincent!! You made our dream home possible 😁

Ours is a custom themed house. Vincent did a very good job in designing and giving very helpful ideas. The end result? Superb!

Workmanship was very good, Vincent will make sure the workmanship result is in tip top condition before handing over the house to us.

Yes, very timely and update by Vincent. We can rest assured when he is in charge.

Value for Money 
Definitely! Awesome job and result.. We Super love it!