Great Reno work by Shermine Lee, D4S !!!


1. Value for money

2. Good service after delivery

3. Faster execution

4. Amazing wood work


1. Friendly

2. Honest

3. Accommodative

4. 24/7 responsive

I am writing this late but had a reason.

When my Reno journey started I reviewed Design ideas and quotes from 8 ID firms and narrowed to two good competitors. D4S Shermine (was at Lavender branch that time) won the race for few reasons. Now at TradeHub branch.

Good thing about Shermine is she is very honest and puts her feedback right on the table. Shermine was patient to accommodate my design requirements and last minute changes. Dynamic and very friendly personality.

Hang on !!!

The best part is D4S is very genuine in their after-delivery SERVICE . A few products failed (my own purchase) & I asked for assistance. D4S rectified the problem within 2 days without a hesitation.

In a nutshell, you will Never Regret choosing Design 4 Space.