20 over pieces of floor tiles of my hall suddenly popped up a few weeks ago. I called the Design Manager from Design for Space, Miss Lee Sing for advice. After viewing some photos, she came to my house the same day to view the damage for follow up. After getting the house floor plan from me, she went back to work on the quote and schedule. We agreed on the cost and schedule on the next day. Due to Covid affecting workers’ availability, the works managed to start after 3 weeks. Though the work schedules stated 2 weeks, Miss Lee Sing followed up with the contractors closely and updated me daily on the progress. To my delight, the whole process of hacking tiles, laying new tiles, painting and chemical wash were completed in 8 days. Miss Lee Sing proves to be a competent, committed, creative designer. She has good working relationships with the Contractors which allow works to progress smoothly. I would strongly recommend house owners to contact her for their house renovation.

From: Tan Ke Huat

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