It takes me 1 year after the renovation completed before I decided t o give out testimonial to Design 4 Space. I believed that only after you live in your house for a certain period of time, then you will know the quality of the materials that were used for the renovation. It seems that whatever the materials being used are made of a high quality. Till to date, i have not complain anything after i shifted in. All seems to be standing firm. Therefore I would like to extend my gratitude to my ID, Melvin Lee for handling my renovation. He is always there when u need anything. Even though there are minor hiccups, he is always there to settle it for you. What i like the most about him is that he is always there to pick up my call or reply to my messages. That is the most important attitude for an ID to me. Looking forward to engage design 4 space if i buy a new house. =D