Kevin is a young, enthusiastic and passionate ID. From our very first meeting, we knew that we could easily communicate with him. He didn’t miss any of our design ideas during the quotation phase. This gave us the confidence that he would be paying attention to details and would not miss out any of our request.
He is very honest and upfront about pricing and design ideas. Whenever we let him know of our requirement, he would advice us on its feasibility, pros and cons if any. This has helped us in making good decision in several conditions.
Kevin is also very responsive to our messages. This made us feel comfortable and secure. He never sulked at any of our last minute requests. Although our renovation process was halted due to Covid, Kevin handled it very responsibly. He ensured that the renovation resumes as soon as the work stop order was lifted by government. He planned so well that all the remaining work could be done the soonest. Although there were change in carpenter due to Covid situation, Kevin ensured the workmanship is not affected.
Overall we were very happy with the outcome of our home. All of these characteristics has made him to be very approachable and easy to work with, on top of his creative design ideas.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone without any hesitation.
Stay calm with Kevin Thiam