We have gone through quite a number of IDs with either ideal or average ideas. 
 This is why Max from Design4space really captured our attention to choose him as our ID. The moment we saw Max’s meticulous, detailed and honest work from the initial meet up, he reminded us that being precise is the key to make our dream house more realistic and practical. The transparency between Max and us is one of the reasons the renovation and quotation had gone smoothly. 
He always wanted to make our idea better. To the extent, he advised on the do’s and don’ts during the requirement gathering which also include the measurements to our home appliances and furniture. Max & his team managed to meet 1.5 months of renovation timeline which is a tight deadline to achieve before the Chinese New Year. And the quality of their workmanship was always at the highest.


From our little family, we would like to thank Max & his team, to make our dream house come true. Also, thank you for your kind cooperation, patience and understanding to attend to all our enquiries and putting our interest first.

Yours Truly,

Suaidah Ahmad