We engaged Designer Quinee for the renovation of 3 bedroom resale condo flat. From the very beginning till the end, Quinee is always very responsible, responsive and patient. Her communication is so well with us. She can easily get to know and provide us with what we want. Besides, she always explained clearly on the pros and cons of different options. This is very helpful and important to us as it is our first time to do the renovation. It turns out our flat is very beautiful and we get exactly what we wish to have.

Before the Reno, we heard a lot of friends complaining about bad experience, dragged schedule from other Reno company. We r kind of scared. With Quinee, everything is smooth and right on schedule. We do not need to chase and keep scrutinizing very carefully. We finish our flat renovation in around 1 month. It is really a pleasant experience. We would not hesitate to recommend her.