It all started on 21 March 2020 where we visited a Qanvast event and had a designer from Design 4 Space assigned to attend to us. That begin the journey towards renovating our home.
Kevin Thiam was very attentive as we shared with him what we wanted and after our initial meet-up, COVID-19 happened and everything came to a halt. During that period till Phase 2, Kevin continued to stay in touch with us, working virtually and sharing with us various designs and ideas over zoom.
When Phase 2 finally came, we were able to meet up and we visited Kevin’s office in Toa Payoh. We started to work on the details; vinyl flooring, tiles for kitchen and bathrooms, etc. He was very patient and provided honest input to some of our ideas.
Due to COVID, there was limitation to the number of workers available. Backlog projects before COVID compounded the challenges and so, Kevin provided his outlook that the most appropriate time to begin our renovation would be 1 September with the overall schedule taking about 12 weeks.
He consolidated all our ideas and eventually rendered a 3-D model for us to review. It was amazing and very close to what we had envisioned our home to look like, albeit some refinement and changes needed.
Given that we had decided to stay in during the entire renovation period, we arranged to have almost all our belongings sent to a Self-Storage facility for the entire renovation period, Kevin was able to coordinate all the activities with well-considered timing and buffers.
Along the way, there were new discoverable and the renovation schedule had to be constantly updated (almost weekly). Through it all, Kevin was very patient and helpful and continued to stay engaged and connected with us.
Each team that took on different tasks were superbly experienced and polite. From hacking of our kitchen and bathrooms to the clearing of debris and masonry work, they were all very professional and careful with our home; taking care of everything.
Schedule of works progressed like clockwork and even though there were some miscommunication in between, Kevin was very fast in responding and coordinated the changes and updated us timely.
Seeing your house transformed from “before” to “after” renovation is one thing but living through a whole 12 weeks process is a life changing experience. Thanks to the hard work of Kevin and his many dedicated teams of workers.

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