Mr Kevin Thiam handled our living room renovations and we were very pleased with his professionalism, efficiency, and willingness to listen and to go the extra mile to ensure that things were beautifully done up. He had worked on our friend’s renovation previously and came highly recommended for his great work ethic and attitude. He has great attention to detail and will ensure that the subcontractors get things done just right. He’s also very hands on and will go out to search for just the right item for your reno personally. In our case, he went to shop for a TV bracket for us and kept us updated on the prices. The project was technically completed ahead of time, but he made sure that little details were all fixed before officially handing over. He came over to oversee things personally whenever work was being done, and would only leave once he was assured that things were going smoothly. He also took the time to let my dogs get used to his presence, especially the one w that was more skittish around strangers. Thank you very much, Kevin!