About 11 years after moving into my apartment, problems and cracks started to appear. I had to remodel my kitchen and decided to give my apartment a fresh makeover in the process.  Faced with the challenging tasks ahead, I procrastinated . Design 4 Space was however fatefully mentioned to me one day. I did some research and decided to email. Quinee replied to my email. Right from the first meeting, I was reassured. She took her time to listen to my needs and didn’t rush me. When asked for her recommendations, she would fall back on what I had shared with her at the start and therefore, kept me focussed on finding a sensible solution for my situation.  The delays due to Covid 19, further added stresses to the process. And the circuit breaker shutdown gave me more ideas for the renovation. But even though there were additional requests which I made and might have disrupted her schedule, Quinee took the new expectations in her stride and delivered on my requirements. I am pleased with all her suggestions – from the design, materials and colour scheme chosen. I  am fortunate to have Quinee and her work-crew to help me through this stressful renovation journey.  One cannot ask for a better partner.