A lovely home requires an excellent designer

I have recently bought my new home at Crawford area in June this year. It is a 36 years old unit. The last renovation was done some 30 odd years ago. So you can imagine how run down and out-dated the unit was when i took over the keys.

My immediate headache of course was to look for a reliable renovation firm for a major over haul of the entire place but within my limited budget and tight time frame as i had also sold my old unit. After sourcing through friends, websites, etc, i finally settled down with design for space. It was a mere coincident as i happened to read a review and decided to call the firm on my way home. The designer, Melvin Lee, picked my call. He was patience and friendly and suggested to meet up at his office to discuss in detail on my ‘dream home’. That was how the exciting journey started. After several rounds of discussions, the plan was finalised and the real work commenced. Melvin gave several useful and practical suggestions along the process.

The scope of work was relatively wide including knocking down the hall and kitchen wall as a single area, creating a new bed room, effectively converting a 2 bed rooms unit to 3 bed room. Flooring and painting the entire unit were of needless to mention. Melvin went down to oversee the progress whenever necessary. He stayed contactable whenever i need to speak to him and he would address my concerns promptly.

I do not want to over praise the firm because there was minor hiccups which i think is acceptable. Overall, i will give it a 9 out of 10 s in terms of workmanship and 10 out of 10 on value for money. I will sincerely recommend the firm to all who are looking for a reliable interior design firm and leave the entire renovation work to good hand.