It has been a pleasure working with Lee Sing (TPY office)! She has the patience of a saint, was very articulate in explaining every detail, and her suggestions and design sense proved valuable, from the very first 3D design to the final result.

She put to rest some of our concerns and have been very courteous in every one of our requests, providing suggestions and imploring practical solutions to problems. On a few occasions she surprised us with her ingenuity.

She records everything that we discussed, not leaving anything to chance, and double-checks when things aren’t clear or needed confirmation. I appreciate that as I am forgetful at times.

We’ve never been shy coming to her to discuss every detail because she put us at ease from the get-go. And in some anxious moments she never balked to do the right thing.

We are so pleased with the results on what will be our home for the foreseeable future. Thank you Design 4 Space and Lee Sing!