Finally had some time to pen down some thoughts on my house reno journey! 🏡
I knew from the start i was gg to engage Design4Space for my reno after their work on my parent’s pl a year ago. I had a good working r/s with ID Sylvia last year and i knew she was excited to work on my space when i got mine 😅. Its def a breezy job when we both have similar styles and concepts. Sylvia listens to my ideas and executes them well and gives sound advice against ideas that are too fluffy. The kitchen was exactly how i envisioned; with Sylvia’s ID input!
If i were to repeat this reno process, I def would engage an ID all over again for ease of mind in project management. But to each its own yah… Most imptly, my house project completed in a timely manner with minimal hiccups! 💪🏽
I’m soo satisfied with the results. I def found my happy pl that i can retreat to aft a long day or week of work. Thanks Sylvia for gg through this with me for the second time 😉

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