We would like to commend & thank Mr Edmund Lee from Lavender Branch for being professional and approachable during our home renovation.

Mr Lee provided honest & practical design recommendations. We wanted to have ample cabinet storages in our apartment, while at the same time for it to appear spacious & bright. We have earlier consulted other IDs before we consulted Mr Lee. We had initial concern that the living room television cabinet might appear too bulky when viewed from side of the foyer. Contrary to the suggestion of the previous ID to include an additional glass cabinet at the side of TV cabinet (& at the expense of additional cost), Mr Lee reassured us that it would not be the case and advised us to design the TV cabinet without the glass cabinet component. As the cabinets have now been completed, we must agree that his advice was indeed very accurate. He was very accommodating and took our preferences into consideration. While our request for extra storage space behind the TV set on the TV cabinet was declined by other IDs, Mr Lee willingly agreed to our request and was able to rise to the challenge. Mr Lee surprised us by helping us to check our flat for defects even before we signed the contract with him. He offered us reassuring & good advices when we encountered some difficulties with defect rectification with our developer. He provided reasonable & affordable quotation. He also recommended excellent colour paint combinations for the apartment, which matched the cabinet colours and our design theme very well. He was very patient when we consulted him numerous times for advices on curtain colour, furniture, TV bracket & lighting. He was quick to get his electrician to change our faulty light driver on the same day. We were very satisfied with the workmanship of the carpentry. We appreciate Mr Edmund Lee’s efforts and would strongly recommend him to all homeowners who require his professional advices on interior design and home renovation. Thank you very much for your help, Mr Lee!

Yours sincerely, Mdm Koh GE & family