When my wife and I first met Adrian, he was friendly and very responsive to our enquiries. As we had a good vibe from him and found the renovation quote to be reasonable, we decided to engage him as our ID in Dec 2015.

When we got our keys in end Mar 2016, Adrian was helpful and assisted us in checking our house defects. After HDB rectified all the defects, renovation commenced on 1st June 2016 and we were given a tentative completion date of 3rd July 2016.

Things went as pl anned during the first 3 weeks of renovation. Adrian even commented that there was a chance they could complete the works by end June. Unfortunately, things took a turn and went downhill from then on.

Overall, the workmanship was pretty disapponting. Sealants were done haphazardly, Blum hinges were not installed as per our contract, there was a hole drilled by mistake in our shoe cabinet, paintwork was patchy, our wardrobe door was not completed, toilet fittings were delayed and shower screen door was fixed (when we did not even want one!). These were among the major flaws of the renovation.

The sad thing was, we were the ones who spotted all these issues. We feel that Adrian should have been more proactive in updating us about these mistakes instead of the other way round. Afterall, we engaged him as an ID so that he could coordinate and monitor the renovation works on our behalf. Furthermore, instead of him giving us timely updates, we were the ones who had to keep asking him for progress updates.

The rectifications took a while and things were finally completed on 5 Aug 2016. By then, our impression of Adrian had gone down the drain and he did not even try do any service recovery. We waited for him to step up his game but he did nothing.

We know that nothing is perfect and perhaps he was busy with other projects, but it should not be an excuse. He could have been more sensitive towards our distress and gave us a bit of priority.

Nevertheless, we would like to thank Adrian and hope that he will take our feedback as constructive criticisms. Hopefully other homeowners would not have to go through what we did.