I got Benson’s contact through online recommendations, which also gave me a few other IDs.
In terms of pricing and knowing our needs, Benson came in the closest. He is well versed in knowing what works and what doesn’t.
My husband and I wanted to revamp our kitchen, especially adding storage cabinets for our baking paraphernalia. Although we had an idea of what we wanted, Benson managed to conceptualise the whole idea through his drawings for us to see.
There was a minor hiccup or two however I appreciated the open communication and eventually all got sorted out.
From my previous experience with another ID (obnoxious little fella I tell you!), never choose an ID who insists he’s right and you need to conform to his ideas.
Benson listened to our needs and even though adding track lights was not in our books, his suggestion got me and my husband thinking. Since we wanted a really beautiful kitchen to work in , we took his advice and I must say it made a difference and we’re both extremely happy we changed our lightings.
He even managed to find my previous flooring company to replace some worn out floor boards.
The whole project took about a week to complete. His contractors were polite and had great handy work.
Overall, my husband and I are very happy with our “new” kitchen. No regrets working with Benson. Thank you for making my kitchen a beautiful one.