A Smooth Renovation Journey!!

I had bought a HDB 3 room flat a couple of months ago and was shortlisting a couple of ID companies by looking through their IG, reno websites on their reviews and work. I finally narrowed down to 3 companies, M, L and Design 4 Space due to the concept/ theme that I was looking for my new place. I had a meeting with each of them and also had a first impression of each company’s ID. After the first meeting, M company ID sent the quote and did not follow up with me in any form of contact so I had decide to strike them off my list. L and Design 4 Space ID did a couple of follow ups with me on my requirements and provide an estimated quotation. After comparing the quotes, reviewing the service levels and timeline, I have decided to take on Lee Sing from Design 4 Space. Deep down in my heart I was hoping that my renovation would not turn into a nightmare. Indeed, Lee Sing did an amazing job! After discussing a couple of times on the concept/theme that I wanted which is minimalist/ scandinavian, the final quote was provided and it was reasonable and affordable. The whole process of communicating with Lee Sing was easy, smooth and constant. She also provided practical suggestions which goes with my preferred theme.

She was a very detailed person which I liked because she planned every single detail and provided me a copy of when, where, what & who is renovating the house. This is of course an estimation schedule not a foolproof one. After renovation started (hacking was done first), she went down to inspect the work being done, provided me photos of the ongoing renovation and explained to me what was being done and what would be done next after this part of the renovation. During the renovation, she constantly updated me with pictures and explanation on the progress of the renovation. With this attitude and precise follow up from Lee Sing, I hardly had to go down to inspect/oversee the renovation work in fear of some unexpected “surprise”. We also made a trip to Balestier (took about 8-9 hours) to select the tiles, sanitary wares, lightings etc. Date and time was well discussed, planned and executed. I eventually selected and purchased all of the necessary items except curtain/ blinds. I had people to come install the curtains separately which I informed to Lee Sing so she would know what or who to expect on which day.
The whole renovation process was stress free and smooth due to Lee Sing’s attentiveness, detailed, good communication skills. I only made less than 5 trips down to peep at the ongoing renovation. One of which is to advise where or what position to install the sanitary wares to the installers. I even asked for her suggestions on the furnitures that I intend to get and if it fits the theme etc. She went an extra mile to view each screenshot/photo that I had sent her and told me her selection and views of it.
After the handover, there were some minor fixes needed to be done which was arranged and resolved by Lee Sing in a short time.
Overall you need to find an ID which communicates with you and understand what exactly you want of your home and someone who is willing to provide practical suggestions for your home. Being detailed and well organised is very important due to the timeline of renovation. Attentiveness is also another trait that you might want to look for in your ID. This is the experience Lee Sing has provided me and I didn’t have to worry about my renovation would screw up even once. On top of that she was very responsive with the minor fixes that were needed after handover.
I am sure there are IDs outside that may be as good as Lee Sing but with my personal experience, you will not regret getting her as your ID. At the end of the day, we don’t want to face horror stories and extreme stress on top of pur daily work stress. Lee Sing is capable of making your renovation as fuss free as possible which I admire her for it. Highly recommend her for anyone who would want my renovation experience!