You can find a good ID, but may work in an unstable firm; you may also find a reputable firm, but u suay suay meet a lousy ID. We feel lucky that we found both. Thanks Vincent Chuah! Thanks Design 4 Space!

We did survey some “branded” ID firm, but the price is like, we can buy 30% of another BTO liao. Quality may be slightly better, but I believe money can be well spend at some other area. Although he is not the cheapest quot, but it is really a value-for-money quotation. Vin cent even gave us better quality accessories than what was mentioned in the quot.

Let’s be realistic, ID firm is the main con and they have their own sub con, they can’t be “bao gao liao”. Each sub con may have different “team” for multiple project. So, different “team” sure have different “skill”. So, it is common situation that your kitchen cabinet may be super “sui”, while your MBR cabinet need some touch up. Our renovation is not perfect, no renovation is. But through my renovation, I learned the 2 keys for any renovation work:(1) find a reputable and financially stable company (in case company boss “zao lo”) (2) find a responsible and dedicated ID (he help u settle all EVERYTHING!).

Everyone can say a lot of super nice word, like Design4Space is the best reno company in Singapore, Malaysia and some say Batam; Vincent is a superman, work 24×7 for your reno project. But I just want to be practical, number tells the fact: 11 units in our BTO area. And more at other areas. How can this be wrong?

Lastly, I want to thanks Vincent, for the patient, effort and dedication to my Home. I love it!