Team Tee and Gary put up a design idea that clearly demonstrated they were sincere and had invested time to do it. It stood out from 3 other ID firms that we visited, thus securing our job.
However, our renovation was caught by the circuit breaker after commencement and our schedule was thrown up in the air.
Despite losing their regular contractors, Gary and Tee managed to pull together a workforce to continue our renovation when resumption of work was permitted. They were always engaging us and assuring us that they will do their best to meet our new timeline. They were meticulous in their follow-up and diligent in their work. Tee deserves special mention as he even stepped up to get his hands dirty on several occasions on site to make sure things are in order and completed on time. His help was crucial as the carpenters’ commitment was less than acceptable.
Overall, we are all praise for Tee and Gary. They were receptive to our renovation ideas, gave professional advice to address our concerns and most importantly, remained focus on delivering a good job while juggling with all the constraints caused by the Covid measures. They have very good service attitudes and high abilities in their work.
Double thumbs up!