“Reliable and Trustworthy ID For First Timers”

We had engaged Samson as our ID as he was sincere and he wasn’t the pushy type. He would share his ideas but will not force them on you.
He will also try his best to secure the best prices for us. We managed to outfit the entire house with European-made tiles at good prices when he alerted us of a sale at the vendor.

Most of all, he is a very reliable and trustworthy ID. He would sometimes forget about our verbal conversations, but we can understand he has several projects going on. We just need to remind him and he would immediately recall and keep his promises.

He even went out of the way to call our vendors to arrange for deliveries. He has a knack for measurements, he even lialised with Harvey Norman on my bed frame measurements, which is beyond his job scope.

We also ran into a few issues during the project which were not Samson’s fault. He notified us immediately of the problems and kept us updated. We only told him as long as the rectifications do not contravene safety regulations and left it to him to resolve the issues. He did a wonderful job of resolving the issues.

My husband being a typical Virgo has high standards on workmanship and he declared the carpentry work excellent.

Samson is a gem in the industry; an extremely reliable and trustworthy ID.