When we got our first BTO last Nov we were delighted and the first that comes to our mind was to do a simple renovation. We scout a few interior designer but we cant really accept their proposal as it is over our budget.

Finally after a few attempts we manage to locate Design 4 Space Interior Designer via FB and I manage to meet Eric of Toa Payoh branch.

At first I am quite sceptical about Eric’s proposal and after listening to his advise we are convince enough to accept his proposal.
Why we choose him (Eric)? Well for one I can say he is genuinely gave his professional advise on how we should design our house to the minimal budget.

Even after the completion of the renovation Eric still do follow up on our renovation whether there is any issue or need patching up on any defects. We are really pleased with his design and his workers workmanship.

A big Thank You to Eric for your patience and professionalism..we are really glad that you are our ID..keep up the good work.