This post may have came in very late, but I do think it is rather necessary… We have moved into our new place for more than half year, and we have engaged Design4Space through via Geri, and she had highly recommended this firm when we got our new place. We are very pleased with our ID, Adrian Tay @ Paya Lebar for his work from beginning till end, and even till now. He even went furniture shopping with us, and worked within our given budget. Despite there were some minor hiccups, but overall, we are pleased with his design, work, attitude & easy to work with. Till now, whenever we have any issues, he is still be able to assist with anything regards to our house. He always provide us solutions from thinking out of the box, and being practical and cost efficient (most important). We highly recommend Adrian Tay to every new home owners and/or friends to let Adrian to do their new home from start till the end. Needless to say, what’s aftersales service? Excellent!! 👏👏
Thank you Adrian!!!
Thank you Geri from too!