Will like to take this opportunity to truly thanks Benjamin Koh from Design 4 Space for putting extra mile to help us complete our wonderful dream home that me and my wife have been dreaming the moment we got our first house.

After 6 ID firm we went to, we finally decide to engage Benjamin to become our ID as his the only one that is really patience in explaining everything in details and willing to meet us after draft to all of the changes made along the way, Benjamin are really professional and given us a lot of great idea! We really love the hanging table top, it’s really one of its kind and really bring out the theme that we always wanted. Always there to help us solve all the unforeseen problem along the way. Never do except Benjamin to put in so much effort in coming up to check if everything are done correctly. Really truly appreciated.

He’s not only a ID for us, he has also become our friend while are doing our renovation. Thanks so much for all the true and sincere advice give to us even when it’s out of your scope as an ID. We will definitely strongly recommend him to our friends.