We would like to give special thanks to our designer Mr Vincent Chuah. We spend quite some time looking for the right ID but could not found anyone that we are comfortable with. We were then introduced to Vincent via our neighbours from our BTO Facebook page. When we first met Vincent, we felt very comfortable immediately. I guess it is because he is very friendly, smiley and chirpy. As a new couple with many weird ideas but no design background, we roughly told Vincent our d ream home. Instead of being a YES ID (everything also say yes, later come out like shit) or a NO ID (everything also say no, die die must follow their template design) , Vincent was very good in giving us suggestions, telling us how we can do better, or if our idea is really weird, he will suggest something else. One good thing is that he don’t force his idea on us, he gave us options and let us make the final decision. Other than being friendly and approachable, he also replies very fast and of course he was very efficient in completing our dream home as well ( really very fast). Even though he is very fast, the workmanship was not compromised at all. Good job! All in all, choosing Vincent as our ID was one of the best decision I ever made (beside marrying my husband :p). Highly recommended to everyone and almost forgot to mention, his prices are reasonable as well! smile emoticon