When I bought over the 4 room resale HDB flat, it already has 2 rooms combined into 1 as the main bedroom, and the other room as a recreation room. As a bachelor pad, I wanted to reconfigure it and engaging Nic Yeh as my ID, he was able to present a layout and the Industrial Luxe theme that is what i was looking for – an extended living room, a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, and a bathroom that can fit 1 bathtub. The renovation started with all walls and fixtures broken down, and then building walls back for segregation. The whole process involved a lot of discussion and communication with Nic, as I tended to have many ideas along the way. Nic was able to help accommodate my request and try as much to fit in. He was able to give his professional suggestions and offer solutions as well. Overall, the renovation took slightly longer as it started before the Covid-19 circuit breaker, and only able to resume after 2 months of not working. The end result was quite to my expectation, having different elements putting together that still complement each other. It is luxurious-looking but cosy, industrial but warm! Thank you Nic and Design 4 Space!

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