We have started to look for ID since last September. After much contemplation and discussion , we saw the reviews on the design 4 space website one day and found that Daniel Xue has good reviews. So we headed to Toa Payoh branch to meet Daniel. We had no hesitation to make the deposit after discussing about our new condominium renovation with him . Daniel is accommodating, friendly, professional and responsible person. We were appalled on how he handled and responded to every little feedback . Whenever we sent messages to him on weekends or public holiday, sometimes even late night , he replied very fast. I never heard him say no to our request unless it was impossible to carry out the job and he will explain the rationale behind that.
We would like to extend our thanks to Daniel for ensuring the best outcome for our new home. We will definitely recommend him to our friends who wish to do house renovation.
我们去年九月开始为了新房装修的事约谈了多个室内装修设计师。经过多番比较和上网查询,发现Design 4 space大巴窑分部的设计师Daniel Xue 深受广大客户的好评,于是约他商谈装修事宜。他态度和蔼,经验丰富,很快就明白我们的需求,而且报价合理。于是我们很快就付了订金。 在长达三个月的设计构思、现场测量、材料挑选和施工过程中,他不厌其烦回答我们的疑问,尽量满足我们的设计和施工要求。他是一个值得信任,并具有专业精神的室内设计师。我会毫不犹豫地向朋友推荐他!