I’d like to give a shout out to our ID, Rachel Li, who was really helpful throughout our BTO reno journey. She understood what we wanted and also provided feedback on what would or would not work. The workmanship was pretty good, and only required minor touch ups (as with all renovations, nothing can be perfect straight up). And the design of our home was exactly the style we wanted! The most important thing is that she’s truly reliable and very sincere in getting everything done nicely. Really appreciate having her as our ID and so thankful that she managed to rush finish our home right before the circuit breaker stopped all work. While many of our neighbours’ IDs (other companies) could not complete their carpentry work due to the earlier Malaysia lockdown, Rachel ensured ours could continue and be completed by engaging contractors in SG so that everything would be ready for us to move in. Awesome to have our own home and totally pleased with how it turned out. Thanks Rachel!! 😁😁