As a home owner during the COVID 19 period. We know home renovation can be a frustrating process.
Therefore we took extra care to evaluate a few home renovation firms before we decided on our partner to renovate our new home. Eventually, we chose to work with JUSTIN of DESIGN 4 SPACE, because JUSTIN was responsive and gave us very good advice. He also took a lot of initiatives and was very patient in answering our requests.
The proposal from him was also practical and thoughtful. Our home renovation, which was an extensive one, took longer than expected to complete due to some unexpected hiccups during the process.
Not ideal and quite frustrating at times as you can imagine. But thankfully, JUSTIN was always responsible and really went above and beyond to manage his vendors and workers to smooth out the bumps along the way. He also did a great job in managing our FLAT.
We have to give JUSTIN the credit for his good project management skills.
We have moved into our new home already.
We are happy with the outcome and most importantly, JUSTIN continues to be very responsible whenever we call him for help with repair or rectification. As we have expected from the start, the process of home renovation will always be a tedious one. But having JUSTIN as our partner has really helped in making the journey easier. Our big thank you to JUSTIN and his team!

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