Kudos to Interior Designer (ID), Jasper Lee, who did an excellent job with the designs of our home. My definition of a good ID is not just one who can produce fantastic ideas and designs but one who can also interact and mediate well with both customers and contractors. In other words, an efficient “middleman”, who would not leave any stones unturned. Jasper certainly fits the above definition. He was a good listener, a very patient individual, who took the time to listen to all our queries, ideas and feedback and thereafter acted on them promptly. He was ever willing to amend and re-amend his designs and ideas to meet our utmost satisfaction. The renovation process went through smoothly without any major problems and it was completed by the promised deadline. We are very satisfied with the job and services provided by ID, Jasper Lee, from Design 4 Space. Thank you very much, Jasper. Fauzi Kamsan Woodlands

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