I want to take this opportunity to thank you our ID Jasper & Design for space team to have done up such an excellent renovation work for my house . It has functional space yet comfortable which our whole family now finds great pleasure in residing in.

We wanted to revamp our condo , redid our kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedroom, carved out the unity room into a dry kitchen with an island , renovated the living room with featured wall.

We had looked up for several ID company until we decided to engage Jasper Lee from Design for space. The reason for using Jasper as our ID because he was the first of the many IDs who responded & made a graphic presentation of my requirements during our first meeting. We also saw good positive review from other home owners that the price is reasonable , quality of work is good & interior design is superb.

He came out with the quotation within 3 days of our budgets & we had our 2nd meeting on that same week. We were very impressed with his efficiency & the interior design too.

Jasper’s proposal & 3D drawing were impressive & we were very satisfied. The best part of the design is the open concept dry & wet kitchen with an island & the walk in closet for the MBR. The kitchen’s design is modern , layout is practical, has sufficient storage space & countertop space. The walk in closet is amazing too, super functional & trendy. Awesome!!!

It is always the whole family’s dream to have an island , dry & wet kitchen & Jasper had made our dream come true. Excellent design!! That starts our renovation journey.

Jasper had been very patient & accommodating to revision and provided his experience when choosing between different options. He is an experienced & responsible & responsive ID . He will give us advice on the colour theme for the bedroom & other furniture. He will provide regular updates on the progress of the renovation by what’s app. The most important is that we feel really comfortable and easy to communicate with him without problems. So it is important to pick the right person to save a lot of your time and cost.

Lastly, he is able to meet our deadlines & ensured that the completion is within the given tight time frame .

We strongly recommend Jasper Lee from Design for space to all home owners who is looking for effective , responsible, efficient & dedicated ID.

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