We have just moved into our new home 2 weeks ago. Both our kids love it so much that they call it a hotel!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Vincent Chuah (from AMK branch) for his beautiful design and excellent managing of the entire renovation process. Right from the start, he showed great professionalism in his work. Not only was he prompt in coming up with the many versions of quotation, he was also very prompt in answering our queries during the renovation, even returning our calls late at night! He is also willing to get his hands dirty by helping us fix door knobs and patching/painting the wall!

Vincent has been very patient in dealing with all our requests and attending to the fine details in the renovation. Despite all our fussiness, he has never showed any impatience. Whenever there is a problem, he would immediately think of ways to help us solve it. It has been a joy working with him on the renovation of our house. We are indeed very grateful for his hard work for the past 1.5 months!

We strongly recommend Vincent Chuah to new homeowners who are looking for a creative, yet responsible ID.