Kevin Thiam (ID) Working over a period of five months starting April 2020, seeing our house renovated under the capable hands of Kevin Thiam was an absolute joy. Armed with strong foresight, Kevin was extremely involved in our project from beginning to end. Initial steps… – We discovered Kevin’s work on Qanvast after seeing a project he just completed in the same estate. We were impressed with his creativity in realising the “gaming” concept of a previous client. – Stressful time navigating a house move during Circuit Breaker. Despite the bleak outlook, Kevin reassured us with his optimism and commitment to help us. Conceptualising and waiting… – While waiting for approval from BCA to begin works, we used the time to build our ideal home layout. Kevin was very responsive and kept updating us on the progress of our application. – Although we didn’t have an elaborate design concept in mind, we wanted a balance between a practicality and cosy home environment. We are not very artistic/design-minded, but had a lot of specifications for certain layouts, which Kevin skilfully handled. – Kevin would also frequently give suggestions outside our own requirements — many of which we ended up liking and agreeing on. Renovation… – We could rely on Kevin to give us periodic updates on the progress of masonry, electrical, painting, plumbing and carpentry works as they unfolded. He understood our anxiety to move out of our temporary housing situation ASAP. Appliance shopping… – In order to ensure coherence of design and good functionality, Kevin was happy to suggest and even accompany us to choose appliances like lights, fans, and even toilet and kitchen fixtures. His input consistently proved helpful, backed by his research and contacts in the various industries. – This process took longer than usual, and Kevin continued to show patience throughout our many trips down to the shops (even online!), to choose tiles and other accessories. Moving in… – As is often the case, our house was still a work in progress even after we began to move in. We continued to liaise with Kevin to tie up the remaining loose ends regarding carpentry and plumbing, working with a schedule that fit ours. Kevin remained dedicated to smoothing out all the remaining imperfections without complaint, a sure testament to his work ethic. We were very glad to engage Kevin, and had an overall pleasant journey making our house happen. Many thanks!!

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