A big shout out to Geralyn Ng (Payalebar) from Design4space for the fantastic job done for our new Condo!

To start off, Geralyn is a patient and meticulous designer and is very professional in what she does. She has got a vast knowledge on all the renovation works. I am very glad we engaged the right ID for our new home.

After reviewing her past portfolios, we found out that the concept and theme she does best suits us. She was able to make sure the whole project was completed on time with all the work done almost perfectly. Quotation done up is in a very detailed and itemized manner, there were no hidden costs. She is very transparent in what she does and how she does it.

As we were engaging an ID for the first time, we had many worries and questions in everything. With Geralyn being so patient, she was able to consider all our views and demands. The most impressive point is that she can hand sketch the design easily and was able to incorporate our changes in design.

We have also heard of many not so pleasant stories about renovations but with Geralyn managing and overseeing our whole renovation was easy and dream come true. She used to send us timely updates with pictures on whatever works done in a regular basis. The whole renovation was seamless and hassle free.

Overall, the whole experience was very pleasant, and we strongly recommend Geralyn to everyone reading this post. Two thumbs up for Geralyn and Design4space on the job well done!!!