We are really thankful to Vincent for his hardwork for the whole 4 months (from quotation to design and to completion). Our Home feels so comfortable, cosy and very importantly: Functional. Pretty much turns out the way we wanted and requested for.

My husband and I were going through a busy and stressful year with wedding, new place and expecting a newborn. Hence we are fortunate to have a reliable ID like Vincent on the 1st try without needing to explore much options. We were very comfortable during the 1st meeting with him and chosed him quickly within a week.

Our place was an old condominium with odd layout which at times requires design to be amended for practical sake. Also due to its old infrastructure, there are issues that are to be addressed throughout the renovation period. My husband often feel frustrated at times over needing to make swift and prompt decisions to resolve these while he is busy at work. However, Vincent was very patient and kept us updated on everything with videos, pictures and voice messages. His sincerity and people management definitely won our hearts and trust.👏👏

I was also already halfway through pregnancy and wanted to do on-site visits. Vincent was very concern for my safety. He often nags and advise me to take care and sometimes informing the workers to stop work when I’m there. 👍👍Other times he would volunteer to go on-site and take care of errands on my behalf such as aircon/starhub installation so that i need not run around much.👍👍👍👍

We had quite a tight budget. Working with your ID is a partnership. We learnt to give and take along the way. Though exceeding the initial budget, we still kept it within our means and got what we wanted through Vincent’s help. Alternatives were suggested to keep cost low e.g. having nice beading design on the wardrobe or new tiles in common toilet without needing to hack the whole wall

He also gave us reliable contractors so that any issues that comes after renovation, he could get them up to touch up quickly. He also helped us engage someone to install our own decors so that we dont have to drill the wall on our own.

Lastly, we requested for our place to be completed asap before the arrival of my baby. He met our timeline so that we were able to move the necessities in.
My baby eventually arrived earlier and I only moved in the very same day i was discharged from hospital. Since then (so far for 1.5 mths), our bedroom, cupboards and toilets had no glitch. The kitchen is still in good shape despite being used heavily by my confinement nanny.

Going through renovation is a painful process to many and it requires alot of patience and mutual understanding. Vincent was excellent in these. He even reply to our messages or queries past midnight and over weekends despite having 2 children to look after. For many of our meet ups, he OT after 8pm to accomodate to our after office hours.
Thank you so so so much Vincent. It was a pleasure to have you. All the best in 2020!