Lee Sing is no doubt a good listener when it comes to listening and understanding client’s needs, which I feel is of utmost importance among other good qualities of an interior designer. For example, I was trying to describe the ambience I wished to have; warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere but at the same time I also need lighting to do work. At some point, I thought I was contradicting myself. The end results surprised me greatly! I got adequate lighting for work plus a calm and soothing effect I could not ask for more. Lee Sing was also very thoughtful. I told her that my Mother had a habit of taking afternoon naps and she installed a blind which was easy to use and blocked out so much sunlight in the afternoons, both practicality and functionality considered. My mother also loved the extra lighting under her bed frame which illuminated the area with a warm orange glow in the evenings and doubled up as a night light when she went to the toilet in the middle of the night. Besides, the switch is just beside her bed. With Lee Sing as our designer, we were never short of surprises. The marble-like feature wall above the bed frame was just so catchy and it really class up our room. My family and I wanted to extend our most sincere gratitude towards Lee Sing who has created this amazing masterpiece we would not otherwise have imagined. We are indeed blessed to have her as our designer. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wanted the best out of their living space. Lee Sing, thank you so much!