Ivan is a good interior designer who is helpful, patient and capable.
Ivan knows the latest home designs and trends and his design skills are superb as he is able to integrate modern/classy designs while fulfilling practical needs. For example, the TV area looks like a fake wall but there are many storage spaces installed. The storeroom does not even look like a storeroom but it is pleasantly designed. He also carries out frequent discussions with us to understand our needs and wants and customize his designs to suit us.
Throughout the renovation process, he also keeps us updated with the renovation progress with pictures, so that we do not have to come down often to check. For problems we have identified with the renovation, he would try his best to meet with us and help us to deal with them as fast as possible.
After the entire renovation is completed, he helped us to touch up and resolve any problems that we have. When my relatives and friends come to visit, they are impressed with the design of the house and they gave great compliments about the classiness of it, for example our toilet looks like a hotel toilet.
All in all, our family is pleased with Ivan’s skills and service and will highly recommend him to prospective customers looking to renovate their homes.