My wife and I are lucky that we had Vincent Chuah as our interior designer.
When we first begun looking for ID around the internet, we shortlisted a few but decided to query with Design 4 Space and another ID. Vincent was the first to respond to our query (within 2 hours and was close to 12am on that day) and that was when we knew he will make an excellent ID.
Throughout our year’s journey with Vincent to build our perfect home, Vincent has always been consistent with his professional advice and friendliness. His vast knowledge in designing a home is indubitably essential for every homeowner, his patience in explaining to us how certain design would not work is unparalleled.
When a design has the potential to become an inconvenience when we start living in the home, or should we propose something that we want, and if he sees the flaws in it, he will help us understand how and why, then propose an alternative to us, if not better, than what we thought would be good. His words had always gotten my wife and I realizing that interior designing is not a job for just anyone and he had proved that he sets the bar high for himself all the time. His diligence is also evident to us as he had never made us worry even a slight bit. He had a clear plan of the entire project and a strong foresight, this provides comfort for us and we had not the need to worry a bit during the entire process. He will inform us what and how he will be resolving certain potential design issues, so never once had he asked us for a solution. He also iterated to us, that it is in his duty to not let homeowners be concerned.
Vincent balances style and practically. He understands the need for a home to look elegant but had never compromise on the functionality and practicality department. He had also helped my wife and I explore what is the design we truly wanted and never once had he forced his ideas on us. He helped us find the perfect look of our envisioned home then materializes it. And I believe this is what all homeowners will want at the end of the project.
Vincent also reaches beyond his duty as an interior designer. After receiving keys to our home from HDB, there were various issues in the home blatantly from the mistakes HDB has made, such as a broken piece off the door, but they had refused to offer any resolution. So, Vincent took the liberty to resolve these issues for us and we were surprised by the speed he was able to resolve all our problems, not matter the size of the issue.
During the renovation, my wife and I made visits to fulfil our curiosity of the progress every other week. As we were nitpicky, we noted down a few items which we noticed had some errors to be sent to Vincent, but he will resolve them before we could send these errors to him. We are amazed at his taking of initiative to consistently look out for any errors and present a flawless design for us new homeowners. He once changed for us a built-in cabinet thrice in the kitchen, which needed precise cuts to perfectly fit a series of round pipes but some cuts were deeper so a small gap was visible, without even us saying a word.
We are more than delighted to have worked with Vincent for our new home and are euphoric when we saw how it had turned out.
Certainly I can still list a good number of things he had done for us which we are grateful for, but to not drag on this post, the above should be sufficient for anyone to nail their decision to seek Vincent to design your home.
My wife and I are truly blessed to have Vincent as our interior designer and I vouch for him that he is the one interior designer you will want to work with for a great experience while building your perfect home.

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