We met Edmund Lee at Hitcheed event.
He was attentive to us when we were like lost kids at the event as we don’t know how to approach and enquire. He is patience to guide and easy to get along with. After much considerations and visits to other ID, we decided to engage with Design 4 Space.
There’s no hard sell to add on extra reno work in order to get more $$. Instead, he advised us which part we can save the money since the existing condition is still good. As a professional ID, he never failed to provide honest advice on the designs and considers from our point of view to match with how we “want” it to be.
Everything was so perfect till we faced suspension on reno work due to the covid-19 circuit breaker.
However, Edmund was still trying his best to make things progressing till the last day of work.
When easing on circuit breaker, he was responsive in follow up on when can resume work at our unit and handle all the paperwork process in order to complete the reno for us to move in ASAP (our original plan was moved in Apr).
When works resume, he tried his best to fix our issues even though it is already very late at night.
Everything comes out PERFECT as per our dream house. We are very satisfied with the workmanships.
We made a wise choice to have Design 4 Space as our ID.
Thumbs up for Edmund and his team!!! Thank you!!!