Started with browsing for few IDs on the webpage especially one that able to design for small unit with ample cabinet space.

Decided to engage Design 4 Space by targeting TPY branch which is the nearest to me. With no idea which designer to look for, I dropped an email to request for quotes at their website and few weeks later following by a call to them since no one responding to my inquiries.
By chance, the one whom picked up my call will be the one for my new house project and Kevin Thiam happens to be the “lucky” guy…hehehe…i sound off rather picky and demanding by prompting a few questions to interview him over phone before awarding him the project.

I can say Kevin is a young guy whom is full of patience, energy, fun loving, observant and comes up with different creative ideas to design our cosy and a different taste of home. I can say we have quite a lot of surprises in between to add this and that during the renovation phases. To add on, we also engage fengshui for our home so quite a few restrictions to follow plus the tight deadlines that were given to him.

I am glad that he is able to complete the project which meets most of the expectations that were tasked to him. If you are looking for some new taste new look out from the traditional, he is the one that can be recommended. Lastly, thanks to Design 4 Space whom put up a good portfolio at your website for consumers like us doing research and benchmarking.