My kitchen renovation was long overdue as I was unsure of the process and who to engage to. After much contemplation and discussion with my hubby, I decided that June was the perfect time to do it as it was a school holiday. 
Since I stayed around Toa Payoh area, I noticed this Design 4 Space Interior Design. So I took the first step and visited their office. I was introduced to Daniel Xue (Interior Designer). 
He was accommodating, friendly, professional and responsible.
I was appalled on how he handled and responded to every little feedback I made. Whenever I was dissatisfied with something, he sent someone to our house and checked on that particular thing and rectified if need be. I never heard him say no to my request unless it was impossible to carry out the job then he explained the rationale behind that.
I am very thankful to Daniel for ensuring the best outcome for our kitchen. 
We will definitely recommend him to our friends who wish to do some house reno.