Here’s a BIG thank you note for Vincent Chuah, from D4S Toa Payoh. Vincent is an experienced and competent ID, as substantiated by his portfolio and good reviews that are easily found in all major reno platform like HomeRenoGuru etc, so home owners can definitely be assured when their project is left in Vincent’s hands! Most importantly, Vincent is a very humble yet confident ID, which gives us a good vibe from the start. This allows us to share with him freely on our needs as noobies and he listens patiently as the expert. He is bold in his design to meet the theme of his customers and also meticulously detailed enough to share the blind spots of the design to his customers, so a very well-balanced ID in my opinion. Highly recommended if you are looking for someone with a PROVEN track record, confident and responsible, Vincent is the guy for you!:)