The Core Responsibilities of an Interior Designer

If you think anyone can watch a YouTube video and renovate the interior design of their home, you’re wrong.  Interior design, for that matter, anything you do in life requires extensive knowledge to understand the nitty-gritty of it. Interior designing is no exception. The designer must have proper knowledge and skills in optimizing space and creating something unique out of it. Most importantly, besides the design theory, the interior designer should be creative enough to showcase work that truly reflects a purpose and meaning.

The major responsibilities of an interior designer:

  • Determining client goals and requirements of the project
  • Providing design concept and space planning proposal, product and material specifications
  • Planning the interior layout of a space
  • Selection of colors, furniture, and home/office décor items
  • Creating project visualization, mood boards, 2D or 3D interior design plans, and drawings
  • Adhering to the building regulation code and inspection requirement
  • Analyze movements and use patterns of the space
  • Collaborate with architecture, engineers, painters, and builders to understand how interior space should function, appear, and furnished
  • Co-ordinating projects from concept to completion
  • Help in revitalizing process to provide more legroom for building positive energy
  • Oversees installation of materials, furniture, and other design elements
  • Determining the cost of completion and project requirement in the budgeting phase
  • Research and follow industry changes, evolutions, and best practices
  • Creating functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing spaces

However, the role of an interior designer is not just confined to these above-mentioned tasks. They have a multi-faceted role. The primary responsibility of a designer is to help improve the quality of life. A beautifully designed home gives a sense of happiness and contributes to a better living environment.  Interior design service helps us undertake sustainable living in the long run.